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What is Dear Japan?

The moment you love Japan.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter…

Colors and the scent of the wind from four seasons, eye-catching scenery, heart warming taste from the hometown, and the delicate and beautiful hand crafts. How much do we actually know about our home country?

Dear Japan ~The moment you love Japan~

In this project, the collaboration of “Radio” and “Movie” will cover people, objects, and days from each regions where you feel love towards Japan. We deliver stories behind them through radio dramas and movies.

Movie - Music VRlog & Music Vlog

What is Music VRlog/Music Vlog?

The unique and good old warmth of Japan.

There is always a hometown of your heart where it is nothing too special but have been protected by people and the place. Music VRlog/Music Vlog are virtual VR trip returning hometown with music.

This is “Dear Japan ~The moment you love Japan~”, a 360° VR/2D movie consisting of life stories of local people, the beautiful scenery at the interview location, the nature, and the music.

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Radio Drama

JFN Nationwide Network, FM Radio Program
“Seasoning -season your life with music-”

Radio Drama “Dear Japan ~The moment you love Japan~”

Every Wednesday 3:07pm~ on air (No broadcast on holidays)

Japan has a unique shape of “warmth”.

This warmth has been brought to us from the town where we were born and raised, the nostalgic taste, and every people we have met.

We all have a hometown of our heart.

It is something that we love and wish to save for our posterity. We deliver this inherited beauty of Japan through the sound space of the radio.

Theme Song

rirox "またおいで" (Mata Oide - Come Again)


Nice to meet you! I’m rirox, a singer songwriter in Tokyo. I started MV uploads and song releases in January 2020 through SNS like YouTube, DSP and so forth. rirox is a coined word, which is a mixture of ‘re’ plus ‘rock’. I named myself wishing to ‘rock again’ in my style. Hope my songs would sooth you tenderly when you would like to feel at ease, step forward with your own feet, and feel a bit pain in your heart.

Dear Japan Theme Song "Mata Oide" (Come Again) Music Video

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